Carroll VW
Volkswagen and Audi only repair shop. We have the specialized tools, diagnostic equipment, and factory training to service ANY VW or Audi problem on 1996 to current vehicles. Our labor is typically about 60% of what you can expect to pay at the dealership with the same 12 month 12,000 mile warranty . Call today and see the difference we can make for you!

Zeke's Garage
Cruise The Coop Trophy Artist

The Vintage Thrift
The Vintage Thrift, managed and operated by Kelly Dennard, is located at N Main Street in Gordon, Georgia. Specializing in retro, reclaimed, re-purposed, refurbished, restored, and antique items, The Vintage Thrift is truly a Re-store, where used items (and a few new items) live until they find their way to your home or office.
(478) 628-1682
Choose from any original german license plate, fresh made and embossed with your text. Don’t be fooled by cheap europlate imitations, our german license plates are supplied from Berlin Germany, expertly created and embossed with your customized text and from the same shops local German residents use. This means you are getting real german license plates! We are the shipper for many online europlate websites and have more than 10 years of experience in the euro license plate business.

Fine Artist

The DubBarn
Keeping the hobby alive, one part at a time!
Plant City, Florida
Phone: 813-601-5724

Airkooled Kustoms
Airkooled Kustoms specializes in restoring vintage air-cooled Volkswagens. We also carry aircooled VWparts, VW Beetle accessories, and VW performance parts. Vintage VWs are our passion and our way of life.

S&S Studios
Old skool pin-striping, sign painting, gold and silver leaf work too.
522 Atlantic ave, Bremen GA
Phone: 470-214-0328

Aircooled Werk VW Transaxles
VW Engines and Transaxles Aircooled Werk is committed to your satisfaction with over 30 years of experience in VW transaxle rebuilds. We disassemble, thoroughly clean and inspect every transaxle. Transaxles are then reassembled using factory tools and jigs. Once the gear carrier is assembled (main and pinion shafts), it is installed in our factory VW jig and shift fork positions set. We use only the highest quality new components in our rebuilds ensuring trouble free operation, longer life and reliability. We strive to have your transaxle promptly disassembled and rebuilt in a timely manner. Please call for a quote and let us get you back on the road.
Phone: 423-364-4669

Cole's VW
New Parts, Old Parts, Bugs, Buses, Bajas, Buggies
Steve Cole: 404-925-2383
Chris Cole: 404-925-7346

Pool Guys
Pool care and maintenance.

Whitt's Dustless Blasting
Whitt's Dustless Blasting is drastically faster than sanding and soda blasting. Because the water reduces friction and prevents heat, there is no risk of warping like there is with sandblasting. Additionally when the Rust Inhibitor is used properly, chlorides are removed, leaving a perfect paint ready surface. Dustless Blasting solves the warping problem caused by sand blasting, and the paint adhesion problems caused by soda blasting! The Dustless Blasting process is faster, cleaner and greener than any other paint stripping technology available. The rust inhibitor removes all chlorides creating a paint ready surface and preventing flash rust for up to 72 hours.
404-922-1752 / 678-898-3298

Team Maggie
"Keeping The Dream Of Family Alive" for Young Adults with Cancer.

What we do.
  • Rebuild Transaxles
  • Rebuild Motors
  • We do oil changes
  • We adjust valves
  • We do tune ups
  • We do brake repair
  • We do electrical work including re wiring
  • We replace floor pans
  • tires and wheels
  • body work
  • glass replacement
  • trouble shooting
  • carpet and interior
  • We make all your air cooled dreams come true
1403 Jacqueline Drive, Columbus GA
Phone: 706-527-7365

Air Cooled Antics
VW Sales, Service and Consignments.
(678) 549-4693