Cruise the Coop 2015

Saturday, March 28, 2015
724 Paulding Meadows Drive Dallas, Georgia 30132

Camping Friday and Saturday night, only two miles from event.


Those who have attended Cruise The Coop:

What do you love about it? What draws you to it?
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Richard WillardIt's usually the first show of the year and probably one of the best to me. We all come out of hibernation from the winter so it's nice to meet up with the VW family and hang out.2 weeks ago   ·  4
Richard EddingsThe set up, the people. the kick back atmosphere. Just wish there were more water cooled. lol2 weeks ago   ·  2
Gary KohlThe show grounds. Makes for great pictures and keeps you shaded from the sun.2 weeks ago   ·  4
Skeeter WhisnantGood people,good vibes and the Vdub community also a great location, I'd have to give it up to the vendors also lot of great people selling great stuff !!2 weeks ago   ·  4
Darrell LandThe lay out of the show, the park it's in is just beautiful. The guys that run it are also top notch. This year, the morning we headed out, Bugs4Christ had trouble with all air air cooled cars, didn't even bring cars that were already registered but we came and hung out at the camp, and brought a ton of coffee and just set up and gave it out and hung out all day. Best show of the year for us usually2 weeks ago   ·  3
Rick JohnsonWe brought a group up there this year. (Scumbugs)..... We were really impressed with the effort. Come to "Bugs on the Hooch" and let's build our community!2 weeks ago   ·  5
Melanie LongAs a vendor, I LOVE the cooler weather, the shade, the crowd support, and the venue in general. It's a well run show with lots of support.2 weeks ago   ·  3
Joel HodgesIt's a great atmosphere... Get to see lots of people that you haven't seen all winter... And a great family environment... Brought my son this year and has caught the VW disease!!2 weeks ago   ·  6
Stephen TaylorI love the parking under the trees and the whole campground atmosphere.2 weeks ago   ·  2

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Melanie LongSo, it's on a Thursday? is that correct?2 weeks ago   ·  1

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A short, run-and-gun video of Cruise the Coop 2015. Thanks to Kale Carter for putting it on, and to everyone who let me get some shots of their VWs.

Cash prices for winners, up to $100

Free raffle items with registration of show car or $1 per raffle ticket

Free VW hat, t-shirt, and bag for the first 50 participants.

Free Food and drinks, until it gone.

Come out and join in the fun.

Please pass along to your friends and fellow VAG enthusiast.
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Yan CintronWhere is this taking place at?1 month ago   ·  1
Joy PowersMartinez, Georgia1 month ago   ·  1

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Anyone know who's car this is or the color? ... See MoreSee Less

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Andrew JonesCant remember his nam but hes from rome. Rance Jones you know him?2 months ago   ·  2
Eric MoodyI think that is john's 1960. I'm pretty sure it is rock gray. L2642 months ago
Scott Hopkins HoppyDon't know his name but do know where he lives. Pass his house on my way to a buddys. Lol2 months ago   ·  1
Reece MonroeLol looks like rock grey is it. Thanks guys2 months ago

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Bella got her own vert today for next years Coop! ... See MoreSee Less

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Aerial Footage of Event. ... See MoreSee Less

Aerial video I shot at Cruise the Coop VW show in Dallas Georgia using my DJI Phantom Quadcopter equipped with a GoPro Hero4.

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Ben GreshamAwesome.2 months ago
Don HallI love at the 'closer'. you see someone walking the potbellied pig!2 months ago

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First cruise the coop......will definitely be back ... See MoreSee Less

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